Become fit from your home at your convenience. And gain health without pain.

Do you know your body needs new challenges to maximize its ability? Push yourself in new dimensions and feel the difference!
Do you know the benefits of Body-Mind exercise are greatest if you begin before developing a chronic illness? Don’t let ailments stop your from enjoying your life!

At Sri’s School of Yoga & Fitness, we strengthen you to perfect health by integrated training routines. Each client is assessed and trained uniquely based on their health needs and fitness goals. It is a holistic and pure form of Mind-Body exercise.

It works for you if you are ...

  • Are interested to learn and practice different forms of Yoga and improve your general well-being and peace of mind
  • Are pregnant and prefer to experience shorter labor and speedier post-delivery recovery and also to positively affect the mood and mental health for you and your bundle of joy
  • Are focused on improving your balance, agility, and coordination skills to perform your daily routines efficiently
  • Are a very proud fitness freak and need a whole body training using equipments like Kettle Bell, TRX, Bosu, Trampoline, ViPR, Medicine ball, Foam Rollers, etc.
  • Want your Kids to have improved focus, memory, flexibility, better eye-sight, stamina, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Are a older adult and prefer to maintain an independent quality life with improved balance, coordination and flexibility